HoloBall plunges players into an action-sports arcade arena inspired by one of the most iconic games of all time. Use your paddles to hit, smash and curve the HoloBall past your opponent to score. Learn and master skillshots to outmatch your increasingly difficult opponents.



Developer – TreeFortress Games

We’re a small independent video game studio based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The team consists of 2 full time members, with the backing of our parent company gskinner.

We released our first title, Bardbarian, on Mobile and Steam in Spring 2014. It went on to achieve a meta-critic score of 85% and 92% positive reviews on Steam.

Our second title, JumpJet Rex was released on Steam in April of 2015 with 97% positive reviews. After being ported by our friends over at LOOT Interactive, it will be available on Xbox One on April 29.

Our 3rd title launched on April 25th, 2016. It’s a room-scale VR game called HoloBall!